We’re all excited that ExpressionEngine 4 is right around the corner. The developer preview is moving very quickly and I’ve been told that EE 4 will be released very soon. With that in mind I’ve been working hard to test and update my add-ons for ExpressionEngine 4. Here’s a little state of the union for add-on compatibility with EE 4.


Clearly, my flagship add-on is Ansel so of course I got it up to speed first. Most of the compatibility stuff was little bits and bobs in Javascript. The big new feature is compatibility with EE 4’s new, exciting field type, Fluid Field.

Ansel 2.1.0 is compatible with EE 3 and 4 and is a free update for existing Ansel 2 license holders.


I’m so bad at keeping my news section on BuzzingPixel.com up to date. Did you know I had a new, free, exciting add-on called Executive? Well, I do. It was only released a couple months ago but it is now at version 2.x because I had to make some backwards incompatible changes for EE 4. You can learn more about Executive on the GitHub page. Be sure to only install 2.x when updating EE to 4.x.


Treasury required some minor little CSS fixes for EE 4. And more importantly, I added Grid, Bloqs, and EE 4’s Fluid Field type compatibility to the Treasury File field type.


Construct requires no updates for EE 4.

Category Construct

Category Construct likewise requires no updates for EE 4.


The update to fix a deprecation log is so minor it’s barely worth mentioning.

Template Sync

No update required for EE 4.

Mandrill Mailer

Works just fine as is with EE 4.


Every beginning has an end, Neo. Since, in EE 4, statuses are no longer in a Dropdown/Popup list, Pillster’s function is no longer needed. I have discontinued Pillster. If you need it for EE 3, it’s still out there on GitHub.

Field Limits

Field Limits 1.1.0 brings compatibility with EE 4, Fluid Field, Bloqs, and Low Variables.


Continues to minify HTML output as ever on EE 4 with no changes required.


Nothing about the Typography library changed in EE 4, as such, Typographee continues to do what it does — allow the application of the Typography library in EE to anything you want.