Treasury Location Settings

File Storage The Right Way

If you need to store files on a CDN such as Amazon S3, or other SFTP/FTP capable location, Treasury is the solution you need!

Treasury makes setting up your file locations easy. Use any Amazon S3 bucket, use private key authentication for SFTP — whether it’s a key on your server, or a specific key to your location, or use standard FTP.

And if you need to combine Treasury’s file storage engine with the power of Ansel, you can do that too! Ansel is fully compatible with Treasury. In fact, with the Treasury API, any developer can make their add-on Treasury compatible.

Treasury Location Settings Treasury Location Settings

Ansel Integration

Treasury also integrate with Ansel — an ExpressionEngine field type for specifying image constraints, cropping images, and manipulating images so that you’ll never have to worry about your image fitting in the right context again.

Get Started with Treasury

Get started with Treasury today by purchasing a site license! Once you’ve purchased Treasury, a license will be added to your account and you’ll be able to download and use Treasury right away.