When you need end-user friendly global variables for your sites, Collective makes it easy with a simple and intuitive interface! Collective is a simple system to store early parsed global variables in five different field types: Text Input, Textarea, WYSIWYG, Checkbox, and Simple Grid. You can even use character limiting on the Text Input and Textarea simple field types to keep your clients from doing something they’re not supposed to. The WYSIWYG field comes in handy for those tricky global spots that need a little bit of text formatting but just isn’t the type of content you can put in a channel entry, and the Checkbox field will let you give your users control over various aspects you have designed into the site. And the Simple Grid can be a powerful tool for repeating text fields.

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Easy Group Management

Collective features easy group management with drag and drop ordering to organize your variables into groupings that will make sense to the content editor or end user.

You can also provide access to critical variables only to certain ExpressionEngine user groups. This allows you to divy up the correct permissions among admins, site editors, content managers and more.

Construct Tree Settings Construct Tree Settings

Get Started with Collective

Get started with Collective today by purchasing a site license! Once you’ve purchased Collective, a license will be added to your account and you’ll be able to download and use Collective right away.