Michael Lohrman

I love the way Ansel allows the client to crop images based on developer defined aspect ratios. Plus it has excellent support. Ansel is now my new, standard install, image plugin.

Sjoerd van der Galie

Ansel has become a default install. Our clients love the ability to define areas of images, whilst we control other aspects to ensure no unusual images ruin the look of a site.

Ansel Field Type

Problem Solved

It’s an old problem: how can images be constrained to fit any given context, make sure it meets minimum/maximum requirements, and still get the part of the image that’s relevant?

Ansel puts you in charge by defining image fields with minimum and/or maximum requirements, aspect ratios, minimum/maximum number of images, and more. This means you don’t need to worry if images are the right size — Ansel makes them the right size.

Ansel Field Type Ansel Field Type

Field Settings

Define the settings that are needed for any given field or location and your design and front end will look right every time.

Ansel Field Settings Ansel Field Settings
Ansel Crop

Users Rejoice

End users can now upload any image with the peace of mind that nothing about the design or front end will break in any way. The image constraints have been defined and their image will live within those constraints.

And what if the action of the image they want to use is not in the frame? No problem. Use the crop lasso to select the correct portion of the image!

Ansel Crop Ansel Crop

Powerful Template Tags

Ansel’s ExpressionEngine template tags make getting your images into your front-end markup extremely easy. As well as obviously having access to the image url, you’ll have access to height, width, image name, custom image fields, whether the image has been selected as a favorite, count, index, total results, and much, much more. And Ansel’s tags are also namespaced so you won’t run into any conflicts of any kind with nesting.

On-the-fly Image Manipulations

Oh, and let’s not leave out one of the most important parts: Ansel can manipulate images on the fly with simple tag parameters, altering crop, width, height, size, ratio, and even more.

Treasury Integration

Ansel also integrates with Treasury — an ExpressionEngine 3 add-on for storing files and images in remote locations like Amazon S3, or any location that can utilize FTP/SFTP protocols.

Get Started with Ansel

So let’s get you started with Ansel right now. You can download Ansel and try it for 30 days to see if it’s a good fit for you. Or you can go ahead and buy it by adding it to your cart. When you’ve bought it, a license will show up in your account and you can add one authorized domain for that license to run on.