Version: 1.3.0
Released: 7-1-2016


  • Added support for Treasury file manager. Treasury is a new file manager by BuzingPixel that primarily provides Amazon S3, SFTP, and FTP support for ExpressionEngine 3.

  • Added offset tag parameter to images tag

  • Added new tag pair variables {img:description_field}, {img:credit_field}, {img:location_field}, {img:original_description_field}, {img:original_credit_field}, {img:original_location_field}

  • Added time-based on-the-fly resize caching to keep from needing to check S3/FTP/SFTP or other remote files on every page load. By default, Ansel assumes the cached file is on the server forever. Number of seconds cached can be specified with the cache_time parameter on the {img:tag} or the {img:url:resize} tags.


  • Under-the-hood improvements and code optimizations

  • Memory usage optimizations

  • Ansel now handles no ending slashes on EE directory path settings better

  • Detect missing source image and warn user when trying to edit a cropped file where source image is missing


  • Fixed an issue where Ansel might interfere with PHP’s configured memory settings

  • Fixed a bug where a PHP error might be thrown when using {img:tag} or {img:url:resize} on Bloqs fields (EE 3)

  • Fixed an obscure bug where Blocks field settings were being cached internally as a Grid field settings, which under very rare circumstances could cause very strange problems (EE 2)

  • Fixed a bug where deleting an Ansel row where the Ansel image had been deleted from the file manager would result in an EE error and the row could not be deleted

  • Fixed some minor stylistic issues in EE 3

  • Fixed an issue where Ansel’s version of Jcrop might conflict with the version of Jcrop used by other add-ons (such as Channel Images)


  • The Image cache location and Image cache url settings have been removed. Ansel now stores image manipulations in the save directory of the source image. This change was necessary to accommodate files in a non-local location and have on-the-fly manipulations also stored in the same location. You may want to remove the old _ansel_image_cache directory and the cached files in it.