ExpressionEngine 3 is here and it’s great! Lots of new shiny things like a completely redesigned control panel. And for us developers, a lot of new ways of interacting with ExpressionEngine and building add-ons. The changes mean that ExpressionEngine 2 add-ons are not compatible without a little bit of work. But that comes with the territory and all the changes are actually very good things!

BuzzingPixel add-on prep/conversion for ExpressionEngine 3 is well under way. In fact, some add-ons have already been ported.

Already Available

Currently Underway

  • Category Construct
    UPDATE: Category Construct is now available for ExpressionEngine 3 for $15.00.
    While ExpressionEngine 3 happily obviated the Control Panel functionality of Category Construct, the primary reason it was written was for the template tags and being able to output infinitely nested categories in a sane and easy to understand manner. Category Construct for ExpressionEngine 3 will be template tags only. It is currently $20.00. Since the Control Panel functionality is coming out for the next version, the price will be reduced by some amount.


  • Construct ($40.00)
    This is an important add-on and still very much needed. Conversion will begin very soon but some major work will need to be done. I have plans for new features as well as integration with the new look and feel of the ExpressionEngine control panel. The current version is something I’m proud of, but the next version is going to be even better! I can’t give a timeline right now but stay tuned!
  • Last Edit Date (free)
    This will be coming for EE 3, but I’ve run into some things that I’m waiting on feedback from EllisLab on. It will be soon though.
  • Pillster (free)
    I believe this is still needed but the hook it relies on is not in the initial release of EE 3. Hooks are something that is in discussion with EllisLab and developers. I expect this add-on to return in some form as soon as I can.


  • TemplateSync (free)
    This is an add-on I’ve wanted to write for a while, so I wrote it and recently re-wrote it for ExpressionEngine 3. It has some things very specific to EE 3. It is currently in beta because I do not have any sites in production with EE 3 to do real world work with yet. But when it does go 1.0 it will remain free.

I’m excited about ExpressionEngine 3 and writing for it has already brought me much joy. I can’t wait to get all my add-ons updated for it and see what else is possible with the new tools and features EllisLab has given us!