Category Construct 2.1.0 has just been released and fixes a couple of bugs:

  • Fixed a bug where the direct_parent tag parameter would not accept a pipe delimited list of parent IDs
  • Fixed a bug where, under certain circumstances, categories might not be ordered correctly
  • Fixed a bug where category image directories would not be parsed

This release also adds a new tag parameter:

  • parent_id_with_children="2|4|6"

This allows you to get a specific parent ID with the entire rest of the child tree.

Also new in 2.1.0 is the ability to access parent variables from the current child scope like so:

  • {construct:parent_l1:cat_name}
  • {construct:parent_l2:cat_url_title}
  • {construct:parent_l3:cat_image}

As always, 2.1.0 is a free update to existing users and if you have already purchased a copy of Category Construct, you can download it over at devot:ee. If you have not purchased Category Construct yet, head on over and get your copy. It’s only $15.00 and will make your life working with category output a whole lot easier!

To learn more about Category Construct, you can head over to learn more and read the documentation.