It’s been a long time in coming, and it’s here now! Ansel for Craft brings the power of image manipulation and defined constraints and limits to Craft. With the Ansel field type, you can limit fields to one image, or allow multiple images for something like an image gallery. Every field can have optional title and description fields, as well as selecting a favorite image. And all three of these optional fields can be required or not per field, and the labels can be customized.

Ansel empowers both developers and content creators/editors. Developers can define the field parameters, constraints, aspect ratios, and limits, and content editors can easily upload images via drag and drop and then optionally crop images (within the defined constraints) to get the right selection for the image.

And of course, because of Craft’s “custom fields everywhere” mentality, Ansel works anywhere you can put a field type including, but not limited to, Matrix, Super Table, and Neo.

Now, I know that often, it makes the most sense to download and try a commercial plugin before buying it. And that’s why I offer a 30 day trial of Ansel for Craft. You can download and install Ansel for Craft. Once you’ve evaluated and are ready to buy, just head back here to, add Ansel for Craft to your cart, and you’ll be off to the races.