Michael Lohrman

I love the way Ansel allows the client to crop images based on developer defined aspect ratios. Plus it has excellent support. Ansel is now my new, standard install, image plugin.

Sjoerd van der Galie

Ansel has become a default install. Our clients love the ability to define areas of images, whilst we control other aspects to ensure no unusual images ruin the look of a site.

Ansel Field Type

Solving the Problem

Working with images in a CMS can be quite painful. How can content editors use images that fit in the design while developers make sure it meets minimum/maximum requirements, and still get the part of the image that’s relevant?

Ansel is here to alleviate that pain. Ansel is a field type that provides a drag and drop image upload experience, an image cropping experience right in the field type that is non-destructive to the source image, and at the click of a button, content managers can also set the focal point of that cropped and manipulated image.

Ansel Field Type Ansel Field Type

Field Settings

Define the settings that are needed for any given field or location and your design and front end will look right every time.

Ansel Field Settings Ansel Field Settings
Ansel Crop

CMS Users Rejoice

Anyone managing content in Craft can now upload any image with the peace of mind that nothing about the design or front end will break in any way. The image constraints have been defined and their image will live within those constraints.

And what if the action of the image they want to use is not in the frame? No problem. Use the crop lasso to select the correct portion of the image!

Ansel Crop Ansel Crop

Twig Templating with Ease

Templating with Ansel in Craft’s Twig templating environment is truly a breeze. Ansel provides the Ansel Image Service to Twig from which any or all images can be retrived and displayed.

Ansel and Assets

Ansel saves its images using Craft’s native Assets. And when you work with Ansel images in Twig, everything that’s available to you through an Asset in a Twig template is available to Ansel Images as well.

Get Started with Ansel

Getting started with Ansel is easy. It’s available in the Craft Plugin store where you can simply install it right in your Craft Control Panel. Or if you like composer and the command line (and why wouldn’t you? Composer is awesome!), you can install Ansel with a single composer command!