# Installing Or Updating

  1. Download the latest release from the GitHub Releases page.
  2. Unarchive the file and copy system/user/addons/marksmin to the same directory location in your EE instance
    • If you are updating, replace the existing marksmin directory
  3. Log in to your EE control panel and navigate to the Add-on Manager
  4. Scroll down to the “Third Party” section, locate “Marksmin” in the list and click “Install” or “Update”

Marksmin for ExpressionEngine is now installed or updated.

# Configuration

There are two required config items you need to put in your ExpressionEngine config file.

$config[‘marksmin_enabled’] = true;

You need to set this in your config file to enable Marksmin HTML minification on template render. You can set this item to false to disable.

$config[‘marksmin_xhtml’] = false;

If you need to minify XHTML (for instance, if you are living in the past), set this to true. Otherwise set to false.