Version: 2.0.0
Released: 2-22-2016

This release is a complete re-write to use ExpressionEngine 3 models and a proper object oriented methodology to the code.


  • Last Edit Date 2.x is no longer compatible with ExpressionEngine 2. See the legacy/ee2 branch for the EE 2 version.


  • Compatibility with ExpressionEngine 3

  • Added several new parameters:

    • not_entry_id
    • url_title
    • not_url_title
    • not_channel_id
    • channel
    • not_channel
    • not_category_id
    • category_url_title
    • not_category_url_title
    • category_group_id
    • not_category_group_id
    • not_status
      • When using the not_status parameter, the status parameter will not default ot open
    • show_future_entries
    • show_expired_entries
  • All applicable parameters have not_ prefix parameter counterparts

    • This option was pursued instead of using a not operator on the standard parameter for maximum flexibilty. This way you can still specify a paramter inclusively and exclusively at the same time.