Simple Mailer (Craft)

Easily create and submit forms in Craft using Craft’s native email setup

Auto Link (Craft)

Twig Filter for Craft CMS to automatically turn URLs in strings into links.

HTTP Header (Craft)

Set various HTTP header properties from your templates.

This is a lot like Rob Sanchez’s HTTP Header plugin for ExpressionEngine. I use that a lot when working with EE and I needed a way to set application/json header (among other things) in Craft, so I wrote this Twig Extension.

Field Limits (EE)

Field Limits lets you create fields that are limited in character length, or min/max numbers. when limiting the character length, a helpful counter to let the content editor know exactly how many characters they have used, and how many more are remaining.

Template Sync (EE)

ExpressionEngine has basic capability for templates, template partials, and template variables as files, but if you delete a template, template partial, or template variable file from the file system it is not deleted from EE. Or if you change a template’s file extension, it does not change the template type in EE. ExpressionEngine also does not sync System Specialty Templates with the file system. Template Sync makes all of these things easy!

Mandrill Mailer (EE)

Mandrill Mailer takes the pain out of generating an email from a form on your ExpressionEngine website. Just a few template tags and you’re all set. And as you might have guessed, Mandrill Mailer makes no assumptions about your form. You control the markup, the tags, which fields are required, and which are not. And yes, Mandrill Mailer will send an ajax response so you can take over your form submissions with JavaScript.

Typographee (EE)

Typographee parses content through ExpressionEngine’s typography class with a tag pair.

Last Edit Date (EE)

The name Pillster comes from the fact that it used to turn the status dropdown into pill buttons. Now it uses ExpressionEngine 3’s native radio button styles, but they’re still kind of like pills and changing the name is too much trouble. And what would I change the name to anyway?

Marksmin (EE)

Marksmin will minify the output of your ExpressionEngine templates. This is extremely useful if you need to count on minified output for inline block elements in your CSS, and can save your end users a few bytes in the process. This extension uses the Minify library.