# Field Type Settings

The Input field type has two available settings.

Field Limits Input Field Options

Max Length

The Max Length setting limits the number of characters that can be typed into the input field. This is enforced when creating/editing an entry with both JavaScript using a counter to let the user know how many characters are used and how many are left, and a maxlength setting on the input.

Field Formatting

Chose the type of formatting you want when this field is output using the template tag. Available options are:

  • None
  • All
  • Auto
  • Lite

# Field Type Use

Using the field type is as easy as typing in the field. If the field has a Max Length setting, a counter will be shown.

Field Limits Input Field

# Template Tags

For Channel Entries, Grid, and Blocks, getting the field output in your templates works as you would expect with the {my_field_name} tag — using Grid field prefixes for your Grid fields.

For Low Variables, there is one additional step if you want your field formatting to match what you selected in your field settings:

{exp:low_variables:single var="my_var"}