Version: 2.0.0
Released: 1-18-2016

Construct 2.0.0 is a major re-write for ExpressionEngine 3. It will not work at all with ExpressionEngine 2. However, the EE 2 version will remain in the downloadable zip file for a few versions so that if you need to use Construct with EE 2 you can do that. Construct 1.x will remain feature frozen even if Construct 2.x advances.


  • Construct 2.0.0 is not compatible at all with ExpressionEngine 2.x


  • Compatibility with ExpressionEngine 3

  • Construct control panel adopts the native look and feel of the ExpressionEngine 3 control panel

  • Added the ability to re-order template preferences

  • Added options for associating listing channels with a Template Preference

  • Added options for marking a template as capable of listing entries

  • Added options for marking a template as capable for listing categories

  • Added ability to reorder trees

  • Added options to nodes for listing channels, pagination, listing entry templates, and category listing templates

  • Added ability to expand and collapse Nodes to keep the Nodes page from becoming too cluttered to manage

  • Updated drag and drop reordering of Nodes to require user interaction to save rather than auto-saving — this allows changes to the menu items to be queued then saved and updated when the user is ready

  • Added the ability to Nodes to have external links

  • Updated the setting for disabling routing so that all items not relevant to Nodes are hidden when routing is not enabled — this allows Construct to be used as powerful a menu generation tool only

  • Added a new feature that allows routing to be controlled from the EE config file

  • Added new variables on the Construct route: {construct_route:node_parent_id}, {construct_route:node_level}, {construct_route:node_external_link}, {construct_route:node_output}, {construct_route:node_pagination}, {construct_route:node_pagination_amount}, {construct_route:node_listing_channels}

  • Added menu_output_only="false" parameter to the Nodes tag

  • Added node_entry_id_not_empty="true" parameter to the Nodes tag

  • Added new variables to the Nodes tag: {construct:node_external_link}, {construct:node_link}, {construct:node_routing}, {construct:node_pagination}, {construct:node_pagination_amount}, {construct:node_listing_channels}, {construct:node_output}, {construct:level_index}, {construct:index}, {construct:count}, {construct:total_results}


  • The Entry IDs Tag Pair has been deprecated and will be removed in the next major version of Construct. Please use the {exp:construct:nodes} tag