# Using Variables in Templates

Using Collective variables in your templates is pretty simple. All variables are early parsed and are available as {collective:var_name}. Note the namespace of collective. This keeps you from running into any conflicts. With the namespace, you know you are always getting a Collective variable and not something else specific to a channel entries loop or something like that.


The full template tag is available right under the variable name in the Control Panel if you are logged in as super admin. To select the entire tag, double click over the variable template tag.

# Simple Grid

Though the Simple Grid fields are available as single tags, you will notice if you try to call one that they need a bit more processing so we need to use the tag pair.

{exp:collective:simple_grid variable="tiers"}
	{simple_grid:tier} - {simple_grid:amount}
Simple Grid Tag Pair Parameters
variable="var_name" {!-- Simple Grid variable name to process --}
namespace="my_namespace" {!-- Default namespace is simple_grid --}
Simple Grid Tag Pair Variables