# License

After you have installed Collective, you will need to go to the license page and enter the license key you received when you purchased Collective. Remember that you will need one license key per public domain. A license lets you use Collective in association with one public domain plus any staging or local development environments you may need.

Collective License

# License

The Groups page is where you will need to go to get started using Collective. Add a group by typing in a group name and optionally choosing which members have access to edit variables in the group. Then click “Submit”. Your new group will be added.

Collective Groups

To edit a group name or group access, make your edits in the respective fields, then click “Submit”.

To re-arrange the order of the groups, drag and drop to the appropriate spot then click “Submit”.

To delete a group and all variables in the group, select the delete option in the column on the right of the group you wish to delete then click “Submit”.


Super Admins always have access to all variable groups.

# Adding and Managing Variables

Once you have created a group or groups, you will need to add variables to your groups and organize or otherwise manage them.

To get started, click the edit icon in the sidebar of the group you wish to add or organize variables in.

Managing Collective Group

To add a new variable, type a Name and Short Name (the Short Name will auto populate based on your name, but you can change it if you wish), chose the variable type you would like to use, and then click submit.

Text Input and Textarea Settings

Text Input and Textarea fields have a setting for Max Length. If you enter an integer in this field the variable will be limited to that length and will display a counter when entering text in the variable to let you know what the limit is and how close you are to it.

Simple Grid Settings

Simple grid is not as powerful as ExpressionEngine‚Äôs Grid field type, but it does offer simple text input fields. Populate the settings field in the following format:

field_handle|Field Name||another_field_handle|Another Field Name

A single pipe ( | ) separates the field handle and the field name and a double pipe ( || ) separates fields.


WYSIWYG and Checkbox fields do not have any settings.

# Editing Variables

Editing variables is pretty straight forward. Select the group with the variable(s) you wish to edit, make your changes or add your intial variable content, then click submit.

Collective Variables