Version: 1.3.5
Released: 9-3-2016


  • Fixed a bug where directories from all sites would be available to field settings (MSM)

  • Fixed a bug where … would be output directly in the directory chooser for field settings

  • Fixed an issue where image tags could not get images from another MSM site

Version: 1.3.4
Released: 8-11-2016


  • Fixed a bug where Ansel would not delete directories in the _ansel_high_qual and _ansel_thumbs directory when an image is deleted from an entry

  • Fixed an issue where PNG transparency might not be maintained in some crop situations

  • Fixed an issue where the crop area would show a black background instead of a transparent background for PNG transparent images

Version: 1.3.3
Released: 7-13-2016


  • Fixed a very rare issue where Ansel would fail to get and cache a file if the server port is required in the URL

  • Fixed an issue where Ansel might not be able to cache remote files if there are spaces in the file name

  • Fixed a bug where the ee filepicker would not use the correct upload directory if more than one Ansel field is present on the publish page (EE 2)

  • Fixed a potential bug where a Resize operation might throw errors if the cache operation failed

  • Fixed a bug where Ansel may not be able to get and cache a copy of a remote Treasury file to perform image manipulations on it

Please note that if you are using Ansel with Treasury, this version of Ansel requires the (also just released) Treasury 1.0.2.

Version: 1.3.2
Released: 7-6-2016


  • Fixed a bug where the wrong cache path was set internally (EE 3)

Version: 1.3.1
Released: 7-6-2016


  • Optimized query efficiency when querying for multiple files from multiple rows


  • Fixed a bug where Ansel fields could not be saved, added, or updated in EE 2

  • Fixed a PHP error that would occur in PHP versions less than 5.6 when saving an Ansel field

  • Fixed a PHP warning that would occur if there was an error parsing the update feed on the Ansel updates page in the Control Panel

  • Fixed a bug where Ansel would try to delete directories it should not try to delete when deleting an Ansel image row from a field

  • Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances, Ansel would fail to create the cache directories it needs

  • Fixed a bug where EE might throw an error trying to delete a file not actually on disk (for realz this time, yo)

  • Fixed an out of memory error that could occur when trying to increase the memory limit for working with large images (the opposite affect of what was intended)

PLEASE NOTE: Ansel used to try to compensate for limited memory situations in PHP settings (from a technical standpoint it was trying to do an ini_set call to increase the memory limit), but after consulting with some developers I trust, I feel doing this is a mistake and certainly was causing problems in as many cases as it was solving them. The bottom line is, I no longer feel it is appropriate to try to muck with the memory PHP has been assigned. That’s a sys-ops decision and the memory available to PHP is set for a reason. If you run into memory errors saving large images (or any size image, really), you need to configure PHP to allow it more memory. See the support article here:

Version: 1.3.0
Released: 7-1-2016


  • Added support for Treasury file manager. Treasury is a new file manager by BuzingPixel that primarily provides Amazon S3, SFTP, and FTP support for ExpressionEngine 3.

  • Added offset tag parameter to images tag

  • Added new tag pair variables {img:description_field}, {img:credit_field}, {img:location_field}, {img:original_description_field}, {img:original_credit_field}, {img:original_location_field}

  • Added time-based on-the-fly resize caching to keep from needing to check S3/FTP/SFTP or other remote files on every page load. By default, Ansel assumes the cached file is on the server forever. Number of seconds cached can be specified with the cache_time parameter on the {img:tag} or the {img:url:resize} tags.


  • Under-the-hood improvements and code optimizations

  • Memory usage optimizations

  • Ansel now handles no ending slashes on EE directory path settings better

  • Detect missing source image and warn user when trying to edit a cropped file where source image is missing


  • Fixed an issue where Ansel might interfere with PHP’s configured memory settings

  • Fixed a bug where a PHP error might be thrown when using {img:tag} or {img:url:resize} on Bloqs fields (EE 3)

  • Fixed an obscure bug where Blocks field settings were being cached internally as a Grid field settings, which under very rare circumstances could cause very strange problems (EE 2)

  • Fixed a bug where deleting an Ansel row where the Ansel image had been deleted from the file manager would result in an EE error and the row could not be deleted

  • Fixed some minor stylistic issues in EE 3

  • Fixed an issue where Ansel’s version of Jcrop might conflict with the version of Jcrop used by other add-ons (such as Channel Images)


  • The Image cache location and Image cache url settings have been removed. Ansel now stores image manipulations in the save directory of the source image. This change was necessary to accommodate files in a non-local location and have on-the-fly manipulations also stored in the same location. You may want to remove the old _ansel_image_cache directory and the cached files in it.