Version: 1.3.1
Released: 7-6-2016


  • Optimized query efficiency when querying for multiple files from multiple rows


  • Fixed a bug where Ansel fields could not be saved, added, or updated in EE 2

  • Fixed a PHP error that would occur in PHP versions less than 5.6 when saving an Ansel field

  • Fixed a PHP warning that would occur if there was an error parsing the update feed on the Ansel updates page in the Control Panel

  • Fixed a bug where Ansel would try to delete directories it should not try to delete when deleting an Ansel image row from a field

  • Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances, Ansel would fail to create the cache directories it needs

  • Fixed a bug where EE might throw an error trying to delete a file not actually on disk (for realz this time, yo)

  • Fixed an out of memory error that could occur when trying to increase the memory limit for working with large images (the opposite affect of what was intended)

PLEASE NOTE: Ansel used to try to compensate for limited memory situations in PHP settings (from a technical standpoint it was trying to do an ini_set call to increase the memory limit), but after consulting with some developers I trust, I feel doing this is a mistake and certainly was causing problems in as many cases as it was solving them. The bottom line is, I no longer feel it is appropriate to try to muck with the memory PHP has been assigned. That’s a sys-ops decision and the memory available to PHP is set for a reason. If you run into memory errors saving large images (or any size image, really), you need to configure PHP to allow it more memory. See the support article here: