Ansel for ExpressionEngine

Making sure images are the right size, cropped just right, and fit within a site's structure is one of the most difficult things of web development. Well with Ansel, it just got a whole lot easier.

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Treasury for ExpressionEngine

If you need to store files on a CDN such as Amazon S3, or other SFTP/FTP capable location in ExpressionEngine 3, Treasury is the solution you need!

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Construct for ExpressionEngine 3

For all of ExpressionEngine’s flexibility and powerful content management, there has not traditionally been a good way to manage menus or stand-alone pages that developers and content managers alike can both use with ease. Construct solves both of these problems.

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Category Construct for ExpressionEngine 3

If you’re looking for a better way to output categories in ExpressionEngine templates, you have come to the right add-on!

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Collective for ExpressionEngine 3

Sometimes, you need end-user friendly global variables for your sites, and Collective makes this easy with it’s simple and intuitive interface! Collective is a simple system to store early parsed global variables in five different field types: Text Input, Textarea, WYSIWYG, Checkbox, and Simple Grid. You can even use character limiting on the Text Input and Textarea simple field types to keep your clients from doing something they’re not supposed to.

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Field Limits for ExpressionEngine

Create Input and Textarea fields with limits.

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Template Sync for ExpressionEngine 3

Make your file system (and version control!) the master of your templates.

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Mandrill Mailer for ExpressionEngine 3

Easily set up an email form to send via the Mandrill API.

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Typographee for ExpressionEngine 3

Parse content through ExpressionEngine typography class.

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Pillster for ExpressionEngine 3

Turn the ExpressionEngine status dropdown into radio buttons for a more friendly user experience.

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Last Edit Date for ExpressionEngine

Sometimes, you just need to get the most recent edit date from a channel or group of channels, or maybe even a specific entry. Last Edit Date has you covered!

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Marksmin for ExpressionEngine

Marksmin will minify the output of your ExpressionEngine templates. This is extremely useful if you need to count on minified output for inline block elements in your CSS, and can save your end users a few bytes in the process. This extension uses the Minify library.

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