Gap Rustic Pathways Screenshot

Two Sites, One Codebase

Using a custom front-end build process I put together, both the Groups and the Gap site use one codebase with variables to change brand colors.

It was really fun to put that process together and solve a real maintenance problem going forward. So now, since they share the same design and layout, when things need to be updated or bugs fixed, fixing it on one site fixes it on the other because they come from the same codebase.

Gap Rustic Pathways Screenshot Gap Rustic Pathways Screenshot

My Rustic

One of the new bits of functionality they wanted to add was favoriting of countries and programs, and saving of customized programs

So I built a completely dynamic AJAX experience. As you click stars and make customizations, the user data is saved automatically.

My Rustic

Completely Dynamic Experience

In fact, the entire site uses a completely dynamic experience. When you click on any link that leads to anywhere else on the website, it is loaded with AJAX and the page transitions smoothly into the next page with custom animations and other fun little tidbits.

All these pages are also held in cache in Javascript so that the entire experience really flies.

Let’s get started

I’d love to build a great experience for you as well. Let’s start the conversation and build something awesome.