Marksmin has been updated for ExpressionEngine 3. And it is still compatible with ExpressionEngine 2. Because of the nature of the add-on and what it does, there are not two versions of the add-on — one for EE 2 and one for EE 3. Marksmin uses one ExpressionEngine extension hook available in both EE 2 and EE 3 and minify’s template HTML output. So making it work with both was very easy.

As you may or may not be aware, Marksmin was not my add-on up until this point — but I used to be a senior developer at the company where it originated and having minified HTML output is fairly critical to my workflow because of the consistency it brings to using display: inline-block; in CSS, and the benefit of less data transferred to the end user.

As to why I’m taking over development, the conversation when something like this, “Hey TJ, you want to take over dev on any of these add-ons you use on a regular basis?” And I said, “sure.” Updating Marksmin for EE 3 was pretty easy so here it is. Enjoy!