Construct 2 for ExpressionEngine 3 is complete and awaits only the public release of EE 3.1.0 which we are expecting imminently. Construct 2 brings full compatibility with EE 3 as well as adopting the new look and feel of the EE 3 control panel. There are also a number of exciting new features that I think are going to make everyone happy. Among those new features is the ability to create entry listing pages and associated single entry pages. And if you want to use Construct only for creating menus, when you turn off the Routing option in Construct’s settings, Construct will hide everything that is no longer applicable to keep the user experience focused.

Nodes can now also have external links (which was a feature request I received more than once) so that any of your menu items can link out to some other resource — or you can even break out of the page hierarchy and link to your own internal pages.

Here is a video that will give you a little look at Construct 2. Enjoy!