Would you like to hire me to work on a project? Build an add-on? Consult on the best way to get something done? Let’s chat. I’ve got a lot to bring to the table. I have 10 years of experience with web development and in particular, ExpressionEngine. I know how to get things done, and I love delighting clients and paying attention to the details.

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Working with me

I love delighting my clients so when you start the conversation with me, the first thing we’ll do is figure out the project scope. Then, when we're ready to pull the trigger, I’ll block off the entire amount of time defined by the project scope. That means that when the project starts, my work time is dedicated to you. I’ve found that this is the best possible way to delight clients and it works out the best for me because I can focus on the job at hand and pay attention to the details.

The result is always delight in the work for both me and you. So let's get the conversation started. Fill out the form and we’ll make something incredible!

Looking for Support?

If you need to get support for one of BuzzingPixel's commercial add-ons, head on over to the support site where you can look up FAQs, post in the public forums or see other solutions in the public forums, or open a private support ticket.

You can also see roadmaps and upcoming features.