Web Development

Revel in the details, delight clients. That's the motto I live by when it comes to web development.

For more than 10 years I’ve been crafting HTML and CSS to make beautiful websites and great user experiences. I’ve also added JavaScript and PHP along the way to take control of every facet of the web development stack.

If you’d like to work with me to create something awesome, I’d love to hear from you! Let’s start the conversation.

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CMS Add-Ons

Custom add-ons for ExpressoinEngine and Craft CMS are a specialty of mine and I’ve written many add-ons for both systems. Nearly every site I work on ends up with at least one custom add-on to get the job done that needs doing. It’s just one more thing I bring to the table. I’m not afraid to write some PHP as needed.

And if you would like to hire me just for my custom add-on skills rather than a full site build, I’m available! Let’s start the conversation about building the solution you need!

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The Latest news


Marksmin has been updated for ExpressionEngine 3. And it is still compatbile with ExpressionEngine 2. Because of the nature of the add-on and what it does, there are not two versions of the add-on — one for EE 2 and one for EE 3. Marksmin uses one ExpressionEngine extension hook available in both EE...

Ansel for ExpressionEngine

I am really and truly excited to release Ansel for ExpressionEngine. Ansel is something I’ve been working on for quite a while. It was first conceived of over two years ago while I was working at Caddis. I asked my friend and Caddis co-owner, Michael, if surely there was not a better way to manage image...

About BuzzingPixel

BuzzingPixel is the work of one developer, and that’s me, TJ Draper. This is where you’ll find my various projects, ExpressionEngine add-ons, and the like.

I enjoy writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to make beautiful, responsive websites. I also enjoy crafting great content management experiences and writing great add-ons for great CMSes that make content management better. In short, I enjoy building websites and delighting clients, and you can hire me! Use the contact form to get in touch!

When I’m not developing software, I’m probably spending time with my 4 children and/or my beautiful wife, watching a movie or TV show, or podcasting.